Terms of service


Lead Buyers: By registering this page you are agreeing to the following terms of Service.

Description of Services. Capital Valley Technologies owns and operates a proprietary Lead Quality Auditing System (“Audit System”) which may be used to audit and assess the quality of the leads running through its network (“Quality Audits”). CVT may use information collected from the Audit System and this form to generate a Call Center Token as a proof of Lead Authenticity and Quality Check for leads sold by CVT. The Call Center Token shall provide proof of compliance of publisher leads with the CAPITAL VALLEY TECHNOLOGIES Publisher Privacy and Data Security Annex (“PPDS Annex”), including with respect to TCPA and other required consumer consents without disclosing further Publisher information.

For the avoidance of doubt:

  1. Publishers shall provide Leads to CVT either by (i) inputting Lead Data into CVT’s web portal, (ii) warm telephonic transfer, or (iii) another CVT Approved method.
  2. CVT may perform the following types of quality audits:
    • Call Audits:
      • Call on the lead data in real time and/or within a 60 day period to verify key aspects such as but not limited to the following:
        1. The Application has been submitted by that person or spouse.
        2. The Application has been submitted through the URL provided.
        3. Gauge the intent level of the applicant.
        4. Validate Information on the application form.
    • Recording Audits:(To maximize Compliance for Call Center leads)
      • QV Agents may listen to 100% of the recordings provided to validate key aspects such as but not limited to the following:
        1. The courtesy of the call.
        2. The level of intent the applicant has.
        3. That no incentivized tactics have been used during the call.
        4. That no false guarantees have been made.
        5. That the Customer Information is accurate.
        6. That the verbal opt-in complies with TCPA standards.
  3. CVT shall maintain evidence of the express written or verbal consent under the TCPA upon which it relied to audit the compliance of any consumer that became a Lead (“Outbound TCPA Consent”) for a period of no less than five (5) years from the date the outbound call was placed. The Outbound TCPA Consent will be in a format that meets the definition of a "Consent" as set forth in the PPDS Annex.

Call Center Location. In providing the services hereunder, CVT shall use its internal call center personnel and/or representatives located inside the United States of America only; unless another offshore call center is approved by CVT.